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Naslov originala:Preljubnici
Prevod: Nikola Moravčević
Izdavač:GeopoetikaGodina izdanja:2010Redni broj izdanja:1
Format:20 cmBroj strana:183Povez:Broširani povezPismo:latinično
In gripping true-confession style, the narrator speaks of love, of family history, of the fragile little things that make us what we are. A woman in the prime of her life, her world coming apart at the seams... Think you already know this story? Think again. It"s a brand-new tale in the skilful hands of Vida Ognjenović, whose well-known talents for the theatre are on full display in this award-winning venture into fiction. Join her leading lady, Amalija, on a soul-searching quest for true identity. If there really is such a thing... "With its eye-catching and ambiguous title, this book shows us that adultery is in fact the perfect metaphor for identity. When you come to think of it, identity is always a metaphor, never a fact. Identity is a construction imbued with our convictions and judgements... vThe reader is drawn into a relationship with the narrator not unlike an adulterous affair, in which the truth is revealed bit by bit, layer after deceptive layer. We are promised a story about adultery, and what we get is a story about identity; there is no other way because the controversy of adultery is first and foremost the controversy of identity itself." Sreten Ugričić

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Baltimore English Iza Hamsin 51 Mali noćni roman Zoja Svetlo ostrvo
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